Disabled bus pass petition launches!


A couple of weeks ago our project received an anonymous letter about the fact that disabled people can’t use their bus passes until 9.30am, which can be a barrier to finding work or attending medical appointments. The letter was sent to a lot of local organisations.
We’ve been researching it, and this issue affects a lot of people. Today Izzy and Emma, two of our amazing volunteers, launched a petition to ESCC to change the start time to 9am. Both of them are affected by the current restrictions so we decided to do something about it! Please sign the petition here and share it with your friends:

Disability bus pass petition

Bus passes are given to disabled people because this vulnerable group, protected in law, have extra barriers to overcome in order to use public transport. It is often harder for disabled people to find jobs, and we believe that restricting their movements until after 9.30 places another barrier in their way to finding work.

In Brighton and Hove disabled residents can use their bus pass from 9am. We would like to see the time restriction changed in line with this.

Help make life easier for disabled residents in East Sussex!

Helen Burton


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