Council Myths Dispelled!


With local elections coming up on May 2nd I thought it might be helpful to point out what Eastbourne Borough councillors are responsible for (and what they’re not responsible for)! As a frequent user of social media I constantly see people complaining about the councils’ maintenance of roads and cuts to social services. Library closures make residents angry too, but none of these things are the responsibility of Eastbourne Borough Council. They are managed by East Sussex County Council, currently a Conservative run council.

Eastbourne Borough Council is a Liberal Democrat run Council and is responsible for rubbish collection, street sweeping, environmental health, tourism, leisure & amenities, planning, housing needs services and the collection of council tax.

East Sussex County Council is responsible for Children’s services including looked after children and special needs provision, adult social care, roads and transport, grass cutting, waste disposal, countywide planning and the environment, protecting the public and libraries.

Responsibility for Economic Development is shared between the two Councils.

Your council tax bill is made up of charges from EBC, ESCC, the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner and in some areas of our distribution, Wealden District Council and Parish Councils too, so your bill is not the sole responsibility of EBC either!

Another myth I have seen publicised is the cost to local residents of the new Beacon Centre. This redevelopment has been encouraged by EBC who have supported the scheme, but it is privately funded by Legal and General, it’s not costing you a penny!

I have heard from a lot of people lately who feel disenfranchised from politics, totally fed up with all politics and all politicians. For me, that frustration is what made me get MORE involved in politics! If good people put themselves forward we get good politicians, locally and nationally, so get involved. Get to know your local candidates, make a decision on who you want representing you and most importantly, VOTE! Whatever your views on the national political situation, remember that when you vote for your local councillors on May 2nd, you are voting for people to work for you locally.

Helen Burton


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