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Over the last ten issues of Eastbourne Voice the people of Eastbourne (and the surrounding areas) have shared with us some beautiful pieces of writing about their lives. We have heard from a cross section of people with a myriad of experiences, and that is what our newspaper is about, giving people a chance to tell us what their lives are like, what their passions are, what their problems are and giving people a voice in the media who may not otherwise be heard.
In response to the beautiful stories you have sent us we are going to launch our own publishing house and produce our first book. The book will be launched in time for Christmas (sorry to mention the C word) and it will be called Voices. It will be an anthology of people’s voices from across Eastbourne and the surrounding areas, and we would love you to add your voice to the book.

Tell us your story!

Your work may then be published in the first Voices anthology, which will be on sale across the world. This book will be a snapshot of people’s lives in Eastbourne, but it could be any town in the UK, so we expect to be selling the book internationally. It will be a fascinating insight into what people’s lives are like today in the UK.
We want you to tell us what is important to you. Have you had an experience that has changed your life? Have you overcome an obstacle that may help to inspire others? Are you coping day to day with something that you want to share? Is there an issue affecting you that affects others too? Tell us about your hopes, dreams, ambitions, passions. Tell us what makes you, you!
Let’s show the world what an amazing place we live in, and what a diverse range of people live here.

Submission Guidelines

Please email us your writing up to 1500 words. Ideally it should be in the first person and you should write about yourself, but if you want to tell us about the life of someone who has inspired you then that is ok too. It has to be true! Please make sure that if you refer to a third party then you respect their privacy. We can publish your work anonymously if you prefer, but if you want us to keep your work anonymous you must let us know when you email us.
We aim to respond to submissions within 3 weeks. As we are a charitable organisation we respectively ask that you do not contact us about your submission before those 3 weeks have elapsed. Successful submissions will be contacted and contracts will be signed once editing has been agreed in October.
Email your work to eastbournevoice@gmail.com

Good luck, we can’t wait to read your submissions!


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