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We all know that Eastbourne is a wonderful place to live but beneath the surface, like any other village, town or city, there are people who need support.

Evidence for the importance of community support can be found on the website www.eastsussexinfigures.org.uk which is also a great source of information for funding applications.

According to the latest ESCC figures (from 2012) the number of Eastbourne residents affected by income deprivation was 15,063, 15.1% of residents. The number of residents over the age of sixty affected by income deprivation was 4,426, 15% of residents. In the same year, 3,730 children were living in poverty, 18.7% of children in Eastbourne.

5.7% of the residents in Eastbourne are unemployed (2011 census). In May 2015 the number of residents in Eastbourne claiming disability living allowance was 4,950.

According to Eastbourne Foodbank 8766 three-day emergency food supplies were given to people in crisis in 2015.

Our project aims to promote volunteering and make sure that volunteers feel valued and supported. We hope that ‘The Volunteer’ will give the third sector in Eastbourne a voice. Let’s shout about the great work being done from the rooftops! Volunteers are amazing, we want to tell their stories.


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